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MYRO International PTE Limited

MYRO International PTE is a Singaporean based company responsible for the development, marketing, sales and distribution of Robotics Products and Automation Solutions for the construction, painting and coating sectors.

MYRO – an autonomous wall painting robot for the construction sector - is the first product to be globally launched by the company in the markets of USA, India, GCC and Asia.

MYRO International is part of Mojay Global Holding Limited – a Private Investment Company headquartered at Dubai International Financial Centre with investments across multiple sectors such as: Technology and Robotics, Mobility, FMCG, Real Estate and Financial Assets.

field-paint-robot Eternal Robotics

Eternal Robotics is a technology-driven company that provides commercial businesses with more space to create, by developing innovative automation solutions for everyday processes. By robotizing necessary but tedious tasks, we can enable industry leaders to focus solely on scaling their success.


To doubt, defy and disrupt what others consider standard and compulsory. We inject innovation into the mundane. We simplify the increasingly complex. And we do it all based on the needs of our clients, so we can facilitate their sustained prosperity.

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